Saturday, 13 April 2013

Wally Three installed! Blossom.

Science World here in Vancouver has various outdoor displays - backyard chickens, raised beds and vertical gardening.    We've also had the first commercial urban farming system in North America, in a disused parkade.    It was time for me to do some vertical gardening.

Google told me that Wooly Pockets were the market leader, so I ordered myself a Wally Three.

I just installed it, and stuck most of my strawberry plants in it.   Here's what it looks like.    We'll see how it goes.    I suspect that I'll be buying some more!

The cherry tree is blossoming nicely...

... as is the pear tree...

... and the blackcurrant is doing very well ...


  1. Ooh wow the pockets look good:) I'm jealous!

  2. Thank you!

    BTW .. Congratulations, Ine, you are the first ever commenter on my Blogger site :-)